With the increasing number of beauty consumers and the use of home and personal care products, currently product competition is very competitive and requires manufacturers not only to create good products but the best packaging to be the initial factor for consumers to choose home & personal care products. with that we provide various types of plastic packaging for home & personal care with guaranteed quality and give a premium appearance to each product.

With the characteristics of biscuit products that prioritize quality, so that biscuit products remain in good condition & last a long time so that the biscuits that reach consumers' hands remain crispy and fresh. Therefore, the quality of packaging is very important in maintaining product quality, we provide various types of plastic packaging for biscuit products by adjusting the needs of various manufacturers, such as rolls and pouches.

Many people choose ready-to-eat products as their choice to put healthy food on the table. And make it easier for consumers to enjoy fast food without having to be complicated. The growing demand for frozen food products also makes it an attractive market for small businesses to enter. The abundance of frozen food in today's era makes it difficult for brands to stand out from their competitors. This is why special frozen food packaging is very important especially in the packaging factor. We provide frozen food packaging in accordance with the needs of manufacturers whose quality is guaranteed.

The consumption of cooking oil in Indonesia is very high because this country is famous for fried foods. And Indonesia is the largest palm oil producer in the world. It has become a necessity for Indonesian consumers to use cooking oil as the main ingredient used in daily food in every household and it has many good benefits. Consumers are increasingly aware of aspects such as cleanliness, accurate quantity of contents, and convenience. However, while enjoying the previous aspects of cooking oil, one thing that is definitely important is the effective and attractive packaging of cooking oil.

many food and beverage manufacturers are turning to flexible packaging to add convenience, enhance the consumer experience, increase ease of distribution, provide eco-friendly packaging, and stand out from competing brands.

We are ready to work together to create good, innovative and attractive beverage packaging products. because we are experts in making food & beverage packaging.

Consumption of snacks continues to increase. The desire to try new things (and order them online), and the need for comforting snacks while relaxing, working & various outdoor activities.

snacks have contributed to the growth of the global packaging market. With the current era of snack innovation, there are more and more snacks made from fruits, vegetables, and various types of food, all of which are used as snacks.

Each of your bakery products is unique and serves a different purpose.
Why should your packaging be different?

Not only do the packaging look great, but the product range of packaging solutions protects the product from oxygen and moisture, seals in the flavor and ensures it reaches the consumer as fresh as when it was taken out of the oven. your product is seen as worthy and protected in stores, on shelves, and in consumers' homes. We are ready to make it all happen. We are experts in bakery packaging

Who doesn't love ice cream? Yes, this dessert is loved by many people around the world, from children, teenagers, to the elderly. In addition to a variety of unique flavors, packaging design can also be a special attraction that is able to create a visual impression.

Although many customers often buy ice cream, the attractiveness and brand image is one of the biggest factors for ice cream manufacturers. In this situation, high quality product design and packaging is essential to drive sales and stay ahead of the competition.

Herbs & spices really spoil our taste buds, adding delicious flavors to our food. However, in order to keep the aroma of your herbs & spices fresh and intact, the condiment packaging you choose must be air-resistant, keeping out moisture and unwanted odors.

We provide a unique collection of spice packaging, and spice packaging ideas for brands looking for a simple and easy way to package and promote their products. and helping consumers add a touch of passion to every dish.

We are very happy if you want to cooperate with us and create packaging products that are of good quality, effective and innovative. and can adapt to your needs. because we are experts in making flexible packaging

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